My Favorite Beauty Secret

WaterWhen it comes to keeping your complexion clear, hair shiny, and even losing weight (Merriman, 2012), there is one beauty secret that I swear by, and you should too: Water!

You’re probably thinking “Right Sarah, I already knew that!” But did you know that nearly half of all Americans are not drinking the amount of water that they should be? (Mann, 2013)

I know personally as a college student, I always have my water bottle with me. My dorm room does not have air conditioning, and during the summer it is HOT! Drinking water is my main source of fighting the heat, and staying hydrated is essential…in all types of weather. I drink about 8 glasses of water a day, which requires refilling my 750mL Camelbak water bottle roughly 3 times.

Since I have been drinking water regularly, my complexion has cleared up, I have lost a few pounds, and I don’t feel bloated as often. My hair is shiny and healthy, and my nails are less brittle. I even sleep better at night.

If you’re feeling a little extra ambitious, you can add fresh lemon slices to your water.
See what Lauren Conrad has to say about lemon water.

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