Welcome to Whimsical Nonsense!

Hello friends!

If you remember me, I was a fashion/beauty blogger at Stay Classy, and I got too caught up in life, and decided to take that site down. It has only been a month, and I already deeply regret deleting that blog.

I missed blogging to much that I decided to create an all new blog for you guys!

Welcome to Whimsical Nonsense, a beauty and fashion blog (with a few little tidbits of my life here and there) for the poor college girl. Well, this blog is for anyone who wants to read it, really, but I’m sure it will appeal more to broke college girls because I am one. Ha! 🙂

I am always open for requests for posts, so shoot me an email or something if you wish to see something on here that I have not posted.

Thanks for reading!



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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Whimsical Nonsense!

  1. I never read your blog Stay Classy, but I wish I had! I’ve been reading your few posts and you’re just amazing! I wish I was a computer genius and could tell you how to get it back from cyber space!

    I’ll pass your blog on 🙂 I’m not blog famous or anything but anything help, right?


    • Aw, thank you so much! Trust me, if I could get Stay Classy back, I would.
      Thank you for reading my blog, and passing it on. Do you have a blog I could check out? 🙂


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