Tips and Tricks Tuesday: Week 2

Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful Monday! There’s nothing more refreshing than a clean slate, and I like to think of every Monday as such.If you didn’t have such a fabulous day, don’t stress! That day is over, and hopefully you can learn from the mistakes you made (hey, we all make them)!

Today I want to share with you a little concealer trick that I picked up a few months ago. It has really helped me get through the days where I’m running on 2 hours of sleep and a large coffee without looking like a zombie. The trick is very simple:

Most people apply concealer in three little dots under their eyes and blend. I want you to quit that habit right now. In this post, I will be using my favorite concealer, the Benefit Boi-ing concealer in 01-Light. It’s a bit on the pricier side, but well worth it!

If you take a large concealer brush, like the one I’m using in the photo and apply your concealer in a triangle shape under your eye, it reduces puffiness, dark circles, and wakes up your eyes much more effectively.

The end result is much nicer than it would be using the “traditional” method of applying concealer, trust me!

That’s all for today! Have a great rest of your week!
Thanks for reading!



20140405_143518 Application End Result


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